As of June 7, 2015 – projected completion is August 15, 2015


Hi Pier Supporters,

We are contacting you because you asked to be informed about progress made on the rebuild of the Cayucos Pier.

The very short version is: WE WILL HAVE AN ALMOST ENTIRELY NEW PIER WHEN THE REBUILD IS COMPLETED IN JUNE, 2015. Everything will be new (headers, stringers, hardware, decking, railings, lights AND pilings) except for the pilings on the beach which are in good shape. When completed the pier will have 254 new pilings. That is why the final cost to the County will be about $3.6 million. Of that the Cayucos Pier Project donated $235,000. Despite donating over twice as much as we pledged we have approximately $300,000 remaining which we will be placing in an endowment fund at the Community Foundation of San Luis Obispo County. That endowment will help pay for regular inspections and maintenance of the pier on into the future.

As you probably know, the County began the reconstruction process about a month ago. In that time the contractor, Associated Pacific Constructors of Morro Bay, has replaced all of the pier (except for the pilings) out to the surf line. Below is the official update from the County. I’ve included it here for your information.

Thanks for your generosity and your interest.

Greg Bettencourt
Chair, Cayucos Pier Project